Simon Carney

General Manager

Simon is a real-life engineer; he is called upon by the customers to address their manufacturing problems by designing and producing a solution quickly. Simon is known for making it happen - He is reliable, dependable, multi-skilled, knowledgeable and likeable. He will not let you down. Simon leads the team at Carney UK, from sales and marketing through to accounts and finance, and all that is in between. If you make an enquiry with us, Simon will likely be the engineer you will meet.


Edward Hibbert

Simon's Right Hand Man

Eddie is a talented ‘maker’ and works together with Simon to solve some of the complex problems our customers task us with. Eddie is a skilled CNC programmer, 3D CAD designer, pneumatics engineer and mechanical fitter. He works in manufacturing at Carney UK but also takes care of installations on customer sites. Eddie has gained a lot of respect with the customers and is popular at Carney UK.


Project Management

Our Projects Team take your idea from conception to completion. We ascertain your specification and take your idea through our design and manufacturing process. Our project managers are customer-facing and are your single point of contact with Carney UK.


Our Design Team uses 3D CAD software, such as CATIA, SolidWorks and Autodesk products, to produce your concept in the virtual environment. The CAD software has many benefits, including giving us the ability to plan the manufactured products to help us manufacture our equipment correct first time and allows us to build around your product parts CAD, where required.



Our Manufacturing Team produces the designs handed to us by our Projects and Design teams by using modern manufacturing technology, such as CAD-CAM and CNC production machinery, in a structured, high-quality and well-planned delivery.